There are several great advantages of getting into the “writing business“.
Is in demand
You can learn about the market (s)
You can find partners
First, writing is in demand. There are many more marketers who are looking for high quality content for their websites than the writers who provide it.
Of course, it’s easy to find copywriters on websites like Elance or oDesk, but if you’ve tried to do it yourself, you probably have experienced the lack of quality that many of these writers offer.
Some of them are not native English speakers, others have a poor work ethic – but the fact is that if you provide high quality content and are aware of the work you are doing, you will immediately distance yourself from yourself. % of its “competition”.
Then learning about the markets. I refer to this in the plural because you can learn a lot about internet marketing itself as well as any markets you write about.
If you deliver high-quality content and do it reliably, you can work with some successful and perhaps even well-known marketers. They usually write about topics in which they are involved, and you can learn a lot by observing how they do things.
Believe the first time you write an e-book or report something to someone and they get something that paid $ 250 and turn it into a $ 5,000 payment, it will open your eyes to the potential that is out there.
Along those same lines, you can often leverage these working relationships into new partnerships. Successful marketing professionals understand that writing is often a stepping stone to bigger and better things. If you work with a marketer writing for them and then graduating to create and market your own products, it is far more likely that he will partner with you as an affiliate or joint venture partner because they know you and them know the quality of their work.
Types of writing
There are several types of writing that marketers generally look for. You can offer one or all of the following content types:
Blog Posts
electronic books
Autoresponder Emails
Some of them are more specialized than others. Copywriting, for example, will require you to have a certain skill set that not all writers will have. Articles and blog posts, on the other hand, can usually be handled by just about any writer (provided they are comfortable with the subject, of course).
These different skill levels will also affect how much you can reasonably charge for your work. Writers of articles that are considered “very well paid” can charge $ 25 to $ 50 per article, something around 500 words.
Highly paid copywriters, on the other hand, can earn $ 10,000 for a single sales letter, as well as a percentage of sales in some cases.
If you are just starting out with your writing business, you probably will not be able to command this type of fee until you have proven yourself, but it is something you can aspire to. Most writers who can command the dollar for their work started with entry fees like any other person.
When you are starting out, articles and blog posts are usually the easiest job to find. There are many places you can introduce yourself as an article writer (which we will cover in the next section) and there is a virtually inexhaustible supply of marketers and website owners looking for good content.
Reports and ebooks are also popular types of content for many writers. These two types of content are popular with Internet marketers and often seek writers who can create them.
Reports and e-books can be written to be sold, distributed as bonuses to other products or even data as an incentive to get people to participate in email lists or other methods of generating leads. Many marketers are constantly on the lookout for new products or giveaways that they can offer their customers, so that, from their point of view as a writer, there is a lot of demand.
Writing reports and e-books can be a good way to graduate into great types of content and larger projects with your existing clients, so do not be afraid to offer your customers more articles for larger projects.
We have already mentioned copywriting, and it tends to be one of the most paid forms of content, but to get it right you need to have a proven track record. The first sales letters you write may not generate the same type of revenue, but if those sales letters convert well and you can create one.

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